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Arts in Education in Davie County

The arts are valuable in and of themselves, but there is ample research to support another benefit of the arts--they enhance academic performance. By requiring children to use all of their senses in the creation and appreciation of art, we are giving them the chance to think outside the box and express themselves in new and exciting ways. Davie County has a long history of supporting Arts in Education programs in our schools. Arts make strong accents on the learning of core subjects such as language, mathematics, science and world studies.

Through arts programs sponsored by the Davie County Arts Council and funded by caring individuals and businesses in our community, we strive to engage the children in a variety of ways including participation and study of arts in different cultures.


OCTOBER 2013--"Treasure of the READasaurus" captures the excitement and, yes, the adventure of great children's books, expertly and magically brought to life by Mark Daniel through his unique pioneering style of magical storytelling. Your kids join Mark on a romp through some of the best books ever written and discover that each of them is the READasaurus with the golden touch!


FEBRUARY 2014--These 2,600 year-old gems have never been as entertaining as this! Join our Elizabethan actors as they stumble upon your assembled crowd and decide to put on a showcase of Aesop's greatest hits! The result is a fast-paced, high -energy production that has left audiences shouting for more! These animal-filled adventures focus on honesty, compassion, hard work, and kindness.


OCTOBER 2013--Gordy is always trying to fit into his big brother's shoes. Alex is popular, athletic, daring and cool--everything Gordy thinks he wants to be. So, when he hears of Alex's daring feat of climbing up Mt. Blacklock, he packs his bag and treks off to follow in his big brother's footsteps. Join Gordy as he discovers that life is better when your shoes fit!


JANUARY 2014--Fourth Graders will always remember the Wright Brothers' historic moments in North Carolina after seeing this presentation. A replica of the infamous glider will be constructed to illustrate parts of the story. Sixteen students are pre-selected to be a part of the production at each school.


MARCH 2014--From the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to schools across America, our most requested show returns for its 7th year! Join Harriet Tubman, Levi Coffin, Henry "Box" Brown, John Parker, and more in an empowering look at the figures behind America's Underground Railroad. From the secret signs along the routes to the abolition movement, this play leaves few stones unturned.


FEBRUARY 2014--Direct audience interaction engages the students as 20-25 poems are performed by POETRY ALIVE!


APRIL 2014--Performed by the highly acclaimed Touring Theatre of North Carolina (based at UNCG) this documentary about the Holocaust follows the lives of four young people from Germany, Austria, Hungary, and The Netherlands through their diary entries as they respond to the edicts, laws, and horrific deeds of the Nazis of Germany's Third Reich. "Let Your Children Tell" explores racism, discrimination and prejudice as it existed in a modern society.

Connecting People to the Arts

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